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Investment Analysis Calculator

For any typical financial investment, there are a few crucial elements that make up the investment.

  • Purchase Price  – The dollar amount ($) of the initial purchase price of the property

  • Year 1 Gross Income – Total dollar amount ($) of all rental income, based on 100% occupancy.  Please enter the total ANNUAL income.

  • Year 1 NOI (Net Operating Income) - Total dollar amount ($) of Net Operating Income on the property after vacancy and operating expenses.  This does not include loan payments.  Please enter the total ANNUAL income.

  • Loan Amount: Enter the dollar amount ($) or percentage (%) of the initial loan amount when purchasing the property.  If you enter a number less than 100, then the loan amount will be calculated as percentage of the initial purchase price.  

  • Loan Rate: Enter the annual percentage (%) rate of interest paid on the loan.

  • Cap Rate: Enter the projected capitalization rate the property will be sold at the end of the holding period. This is a percentage (%) of the property in order to obtain the projected sales price at EOY 5 for the 5-year report. Projected sales price is calculated based on Year 6 NOI divided by Cap Rate percentage.

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